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Losing SEO rankings is never fun. Not only does it impact your business financially, but it may also cause emotional distress as sometimes it’s not exactly black or white why your website was penalised to begin with.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Our SEO experts have a track record of successfully restoring lost SEO rankings without fuss. We’ve helped countless Australian businesses successfully get out of the rough patch and put them back into Google’s good books.

From Google Panda content quality penalties to backlink penalties from Google Penguin, we have you covered.

Google Penguin and Panda
SEO Ranking Restoration Process

How we restore your lost SEO rankings

1. Analyse Past Data and Trends

Our initial data analysis sets the direction of how we will begin to restore your lost SEO rankings.

This stage involves a comprehensive analysis of trends and analytics to determine the root cause of what triggered your website to penalties.

2. Execute Our Restoration Plan

Based on our initial findings, we then set out an SEO ranking restoration plan. This may involve fixing up content issues found throughout your website or removing and disavowing toxic links that are causing your website harm.

No matter what the issue is our experts will provide a comprehensive fix.

3. Submit Reconsideration Request

If your website has been manually penalised by Google then we will document all our restoration work and submit a formal reconsideration to Google.

Our SEO experts continuously have great success with Google reconsideration requests. We’re confident we can achieve the same results for you.

Common causes of lost SEO rankings

Website Content Issues

Website Content Issues (Google Panda)

It’s a known fact that Google prioritises user experience above all else. If your website is serving low quality, thin or duplicate content then you may have been penalised by Google’s Panda algorithm.

Our SEO experts and copywriters work together to identify and fix all your website’s content issues. We bounce you back from a penalty while producing new and vibrant content that speaks directly to your audience.

Google Algorithm Changes

Google Algorithm Changes

There are countless Google Algorithmic changes per year. If you have engaged in poor SEO work in the past then you may have been hit. Our experts look deep into your website’s stats to identify trends and patterns to determine what algorithm change caused you to lose SEO rankings.

Toxic Backlink Clean Up

Toxic/Unnatural Backlinks (Google Penguin)

Spammy link building practices are at the top of Google’s radar. Many businesses are prone poor quality link building practices by SEO companies. If you’ve been a victim of toxic backlinks then it’s important that all links are found and removed immediately.

Our SEO experts disavow and remove all your toxic links and acquire new high quality links in its place.

New Site Migration

New Website Migrations

Launching a new website can often result in a huge shift of SEO rankings. This is because your content, page optimisation and URLs have changed. It is critical that you have a technical SEO specialist on-hand to ensure a website migration does not negatively impact your SEO rankings.

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