Any sensible business owner wanting to establish a solid online presence knows the importance of link building. Even now, when social media is increasingly playing a bigger role in ranking, links remain a very important part of the mix. If there were a potion for attaining page one status on search results, it’ll certainly include more than a drop of link juice.

Link juice represents the value or trust factor being passed on from one website to another. The more a site has of it, the greater the chance search engines will regard the site as an authority on a given subject or in a given niche. While link building alone can’t guarantee the top position on SERPS, it gives your site a that much needed boost being recognised in the digital world.

Penguin 2.0, the latest algorithm update from Google, is not only bent on weeding out sites with poorly written content. It’s also looking into link quality.

SEO Sneaky Links

What does this mean?

Link quality refers to the relevancy of external links pointing to a website. Often-times, a site’s link profile includes low quality inbound links. These links typically come from sources that are either unrelated to your intended niche, or have thin or irrelevant content. If Google detects that a site is associated with such shady links, there might be negative effects on ranking. In the worst cases, it could mean being removed entirely from the SERPS.

Hence, website owners are encouraged to clean up their site’s link profiles and invest in natural link building strategies. This entails establishing relationships with people so you can earn links. Sure, it’ll take months before you see the results. However, the long-term benefits on brand promotion will be worth it.

Increasing Website Traffic Naturally

Of course, if you want other users or sites to recommend your website, you need to make it effective and captivating. It should have both aesthetic appeal and valuable content. On the subject of links, it also needs to have a layout that’s well thought of. The internal linking structure should enable users to navigate websites easily, since sensible and carefully laid out links encourage visitors to stick around on the site and see more of your offers.

Now, if you already have a brilliant website but are still not getting your expected traffic, here are some natural link building strategies you can tap into.

Build an Informative Company Blog

This is one of the few strategies personally recommended by Google engineers, since blog sites can be updated regularly with new material. These are also excellent platforms for fostering conversations from across the web. What’s more, blogs are effective means of earning listings and links from other blogs.

Post Updates on Your Social Networking Sites

Use various social media platforms to promote the content on your website or blog. Download a plugin that’ll automatically post blog articles onto your Twitter feed or Facebook business page as soon as they are published. Also, ensure there are links on your site to all of your social media platforms so it’ll be easier for users to keep track of your posts and share them.

Be Newsworthy

This particular strategy allows you to tap into traditional media channels. Earning the attention of ‘word spreaders’, such as bloggers and journalists, creates a great opportunity for acquiring links.

Create Inspiring Content

If for some reason you can’t have a blog, there’s still another way to earn links. Creating content that’s useful and well written can also inspire a following for your site. In the language of SEO, this is what you would call linkbait, irresistible because of the valuable information it contains or the humour it provides readers.

Always Opt for High Authority External Links

When an article calls for linking out to an external source, make sure to choose a link that is from expert sources. Refer to reliable directories for a list of authority domains (i.e. those with extensions, .edu, and .mil).

Finally, none of these link-building strategies matter if you are not dedicated to providing quality content to your audience. Whether its information or a product, your mindset should always be providing output that benefits the users greatly.

Daniel Law

Daniel Law is the Manager Director at Big Vision Marketing, an SEO agency based in Sydney. With over 10 years experience in digital marketing, Daniel has grown a burning passion to helping his clients achieve their business goals via leveraging innovative digital strategies. Follow Daniel on social media at @daniellawsydney, +DanielLaw and Facebook.

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