Comprehensive List of Free & Paid Australian Local Citations for 2018

Local citations have become an important part of SEO in the past year. With Google constantly expanding its range of quality ranking signals, creating strong, high-quality local citations has never become more important. Local citations work as strong signals to convey to search engines that your business is, in fact, legitimate and more importantly, real. […]

Google Panda: The Complete Guide to Panda in 2018

It’s been here for the last 7 years, and it’s going nowhere having rocked the online world when it was first rolled out in 2011. Known as Google Panda, this is a Google’s algorithms update that’s aimed to promote high quality, content-focused websites by de-valuing low quality or spammy websites. While we all try to position our [...]

15 Mobile Web Elements To Boost Mobile Conversion Rate

More people are using their mobile devices to make online purchases. Check these effective 15 mobile web elements to significantly boost conversion rates. According to a recent statistic, up to 52% of global web traffic in the second quarter of 2018 originated from mobile devices. A dominant figure in the digital industry that is extremely [...]

10 Reasons Why SEO is Necessary in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

There’s no doubt that at this time and age, the use of the internet is at its peak. A study by Internet Live indicates that close to 66,000 Google searches are carried out every second! Come to think of these incredible numbers, you’ll realise how far behind competitors you can become if you haven’t implemented [...]

20 Reasons Why Your Website is Losing Ranks in Search Engines

According to recent findings by Chitika, an online ad network, the top is very lonely, at least in terms of Google’s rankings. The study shows that the top-ranked website in Google’s organic search results receives 33% of the traffic with the second position getting 18%, and the list degrades from there. If this study is [...]

The Content Marketing Beginners Guide for Business Owners

The term “Content Marketing” has slowly and undoubtedly picked up much momentum over the past years. Today, it’s an online marketing strategy that many businesses are heavily investing in. For many new entrepreneurs entering the online space, this marketing concept may be at times, confusing and hard to understand. Given the immense popularity and effectiveness of content […]

5 Web Design Tips to Improve Conversion Rates

This is a featured post from G Squared. Every business has the goal of increasing quality traffic to their websites to drive website sales. However, merely generating heaps of traffic is useless if they don’t translate into paying customers. Unlike most physical brick and mortar stores that employ someone to assist their customers, the case [...]

Content Strategy Workshop by Dream Pages

This is a sponsored post by Dream Pages. In 2017, it's a widely accepted fact that SEO and content go hand-in-hand. Think of SEO and content like Batman and Robin, without one the other simply won't be able to perform effectively. If you're a business owner or marketing manager who is struggling to find your [...]

What is Personal Branding & Why Should You Care

Personal branding should be at the top of the to-do list for every business professional. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what you’re doing. If you’re aspiring to be at the top of your industry then you should be branding yourself and your business. What do I mean by personal branding? We all [...]

SEO Industry’s First Movie & Documentary

In 2016, Search Engine Land reported that the value of the SEO industry has grown to become a whopping 65 billion. By 2020 it is expected to that businesses will reach a grand SEO value spend of 80 billion. If you're wondering how an industry grew from virtually nothing to becoming one of the most [...]

A Complete Introduction to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

One of the many beauties of modern technology is its ability to adapt to the sharpest curves thrown in its path. With mobile web browsing on a meteoric rise in the past four years, users were facing problems. Webpages optimised for desktop browsing, with heavy content, were loading at turtle-neck speeds on mobile phones. The [...]

7 Mandatory Technical SEO Processes to Add to Your Checklist in 2017

Getting technical Google SEO right is the key to any well-ranking website on its continuously evolving search results. Not only will technical SEO provide a solid website foundation for appearing highly on Google Search but it will also significantly boost positive user experience. Things such as broken 404 links, internal linking and page loading speed are [...]

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