Gordon Powers, Sydney-based electricians approached Big Vision Marketing with the vision of significantly revamping their existing organic online exposure on Google. specialise in both residential and commercial electrical work and pride themselves on their excellence in customer service.

The Challenge

The Gordon Powers website was outdated, under-optimised and contained an excessive amount of pages that all needed to be restructured. This would require a detailed step-by-step strategy to restructure the website properly while not compromising on existing SEO rankings.

The initial challenges the website had faced were:

  • Limited organic search presence on Google
  • No competitive search rankings
  • Large website that required restructuring
  • Low domain authority in a competitive industry

Our Vision (proposed solution)

Big Vision Marketing worked with Gordon Powers closely to formulate an SEO strategy that would work – both from an SEO and business perspective. We first focused on restructuring core parts of the website that were the most important from a business sales perspective. From there, we worked down the priority list to restructure and re-optimise the entire website.

Our primary goals for the Gordon Powers SEO campaign included:

  • Restructure the website without causing loss of SEO rankings
  • Re-optimise the website to ensure each page was SEO-friendly
  • Optimise existing pages to improve user-experience
  • Remove bad on-page practices that was holding the website back from ranking competitively

And finally, the Wins!

By carefully following our step-by-step SEO strategy, Gordon Powers saw a successful website restructuring without any compromise of its existing SEO rankings. Our main wins include:

  • Well-structured, SEO-friendly website foundation
  • A complete revamp of core pages that are the most important to business
  • No loss of SEO rankings on any prioritised page
  • A clean website that is now ready to rank competitively for the most competitive keywords in the industry

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